Project Examples:
Live Events

Some live event case studies to give you an idea of how we can support you


The term “Conference” covers many different types of events we work on, we use this term to describe generic business presentations, however there may be many specific requirements and just because we call them “generic”, it certainly doesn’t mean they have to be boring! Check out some of our conference case studies below.


Award Ceremonies are all about recognition, they can be events in their own right or a part of a multi format event. Quite often they are used to bring formal proceedings to an end and kick start a mood change. They tend to involve more lighting and sound and visuals to add that little bit of pizzazz.


In recent times, the streaming of live events has become hugely important. We use a variety of platforms dependant on the events needs.

We can cater for public events, private events or pay per view events, all while still having a live audience as well.


Gala dinners are all about fun! Often including entertainment and music. They are loud and bright and full of surprises. Check out some of our case studies below.

Custom Venues

We love working in different venues! Here you will find events we have done in venues not specifically designed for events, these can include opening ceremonies, inside customer venues, the middle of a field or the top of a mountain.

Private Events

We love the challenge of working in new venues and providing customers with a little extra help and support for their event.